To be the most trusted partner for management consultancy, integrated management solutions, Professional development and Graphical design provider.


Empower our clients with expert advice on the most effective blend of processes, tools, knowledge and partners to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.

Core Values

We adapt best practices and technologies to provide innovative solutions tailored (or customized?) to our clients.

We continually strive to understand, meet and exceed customer expectations.We perform to a high standard and work as a team to suggest and Implement new, innovative ways to improve the service/products we deliver. As part of our service commitment, we focus on our customers and commit to delight our customers.

We maintain a positive attitude at all times and take responsibility for our actions as individuals, team members and as an organization. We work together, support one another and never let our customers or colleagues down.

We approach every aspect of our work with the highest standards of honesty, integrity, demonstrating a professional and ethical approach at all times.

We respect everybody who works for Rye Consulting. Individually we set a professional example to all colleagues, particularly those who look to us for leadership, guidance or help.

founded as a specialized management consultancy and solutions provider with the focus on service management and project management. Knowledge and a clear understanding of local culture in market places we operate in gives us a unique advantage over many rivals. Understanding the importance of the three main elements of an organization (people, process and technology), we master the formula of success by balancing these efforts. Our unique selling point (USP) is our packaged services and integrated solutions. We bring to our clients and partners a set of configurable services which are modular and which allow our customers to adopt the most suitable approach. These are based on the budget and are fit for purpose and fit for use. Rye Consulting is operating with global reach and regional focus on Middle East region. Our Head office is in Saudi Arabia with branch in Egypt. We offer our services with pride and skills, delivering world class quality with local knowledge. All employees are highly experienced and skilled with the minimum qualifications of ITIL Expert, PMP, P3O, PRINCE2 and ISO20000. Rye has delivered successful projects in our areas of specialitiy throughout the world and particularly in the Middle East region. We understand and intelligently apply standards and best practices in a pragmatic and customer-focused manner. This results in a solution that 'sticks' in the organization and becomes part of the culture. Following a philosophy of Team Up and Gear Up, when necessary, Rye will team up with subject matter experts to fulfill client requirements. Rye's unique dynamic operation model, which is driven by innovation, ensures our leading position in the marketplace. Apart from the conventional ways of delivery and documentation, we make our deliverables and documentations dynamic and live. By offering dynamic live electronic documentation, we offer on-going support to our clients and efficient maintenance of these documents, i.e. we offer on-going support by hosting our clients' process documentation and in source process ownership. When considering whether your suppliers are qualified and experienced to help you with your management and training requirements, consider Rye Consulting having the local experience and talent as well as supported by a unique partnership with the award winning partners.